Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pure Love...

What does God mean to me? As I try to wrap my head around what the Creator of the Universe symbolizes, it brings me to a place of absolute gratitude.

I can't imagine my life without Him. He drives my every decision, my hopes, my dreams.  He allows me to see the world through his eyes and in his splendor.

It is a simple relationship, one of pure love, unending grace, and the ultimate sacrifice. His character is revealed through his ever blooming creation, the Bible serves as a medium to hear his voice, and through prayer & meditation I am in constant communication.

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of the God's son. He came down to this earth as a man, was tried and tempted so he could better connect to his creation, he even went so far as to  brutally die for the sins of his cherished people ( us), so that we could spend eternity in his splendor.  And He did this, because he loved me and loved you.

Such a beautiful God we serve.