Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Preconceived notions are formed almost instantaneously, especially when it comes to one the biggest and most “dangerous “slums of the western hemisphere.
I’ve lived about 10 minutes from Cite Soleil for about 14 yrs of my life, yet due to the media, fear, and suspicious activity reported within this area, (or maybe just because I am classist prick)  I never really frequented the area.
Yesterday as we commenced our day, my father randomly decided to set an appointment with a pastor he had been collaborating in the Cite Soleil area.  Naturally, I had mixed feelings but anticipated  the encounter none the less.
We drove into Cite Soleil where we met up with the Pastor and before I knew it the scenery which had previously been masked with plastic bottles and filth had been transformed. The neighborhood was spotless. Cleanest neighborhood I have seen to date. What I anticipated and what I saw were polar opposites.  The kids were not angry and violent; they actually welcomed us with open arms. It almost seemed like the people stood a bit taller.
 What we later learned was that the community with the stewardship of Pastor Hillaire , had decided that they would change their community.  All the youth had recently laid down their weapons and personally took the initiative to make the neighborhood their own.  By constant up keep and taking part of the many initiative within their community, example: basing the foundation for the school which digicel foundation plans to place within the area  which seemed solidify the sense of community,served as way to continue to serve each other and their country. .

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

‎"an'n al fe La Difference"

 Left alone with my thoughts..I start to question my decision for being here. Why am I here? What do I want?  It is important to remind yourself of your dreams, your vision because it keeps you focused and centered.
  Yes they were differing factors which led me to sit where I am today but ultimately I know that right now I need to be here.

Many won't understand my decision, but in my heart I know this is as true as it gets.

I am in Haiti ultimately because Haiti lives in me.

My aspiration are great but as I have spoken  to other patrons their dreams  are just as big . I know I am not alone.

Haiti has shone before, and it will shine again.

 Am I ready? Do I have all the tools I need to make the impact I want to make? Maybe  the right question isn't if I am ready but more so, how badly do I want it?

What exactly do I have in mind?
A people unified for a better Haiti through working together to create natural goods, to preserve Haiti's natural infrastructure, stronger focus on education, people working together to market themselves effectively, more sustainable jobs,

As the wind tickles my toes and sweeps through my very core. I stand astounded by its grace.
I am surrounded by nature in its simplest form.
The differing shades of green, the flower buds in full bloom.
I listen to their whispers.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

first memory..

I was recently challenged to trace back to my first memory and find out what it means to who I am today. As I rummaged through my thoughts to pin point my first memory, images surfaced left and right. Pictures filled my thoughts, stories which had been recounted by my parents, peers, etc. nostalgia settled in. All I saw was light.

Memories, the mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience; the act or instance of remembering, recollection.  I would have loved to recount the moment I was pushed out of my mum’s vagina or let alone the moment I was conceived but these memories have only been borrowed by those who actually recall this occurrence.
But as far back as memoir have taken me in the past 48hours. I recall being with my family. It is all just a blur now, but I am sure I was with them.  What significance does that bring to me now?  They bring reason to my life. Their sacrifices, the model they’ve set for me, for their community. They are my light.