Saturday, January 29, 2011

The peculiar visit..

And this was my first. My first moment of pure distress upon return to my sanctuary, my place of peace, my place of rest.

It was a beautiful mid Sunday afternoon. We were met by the sweet aroma of the eucalyptus tress which arched in greeting, about fifty feet from our tall bronze gates. We were in high-spirits, we had just taken part of a beautiful Sunday service and were now invincible.

But amidst all our splendor, as the vehicle crept into our driveway our sensibilities reported otherwise. As I walked toward our front door I noticed our dogs circling around one of my mother's many gardens. And right above, lay evidence to their discovery, our unwelcomed visitors. The only window  not barred with double bars had been punctured and its remains lay shattered on the terrace.

I was terrified. In my 18 years of existence never had our house been broken into.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We shall overcome...

On January 12, 2011...I had the privilege and honor of marching in solidarity with my fellow brothers and sisters to remember our dear Ayeiti Cheri. As many know, about a year ago this nation was struck by a massive earthquake.  An earthquake which brought the world to its knees. An earthquake which killed over 300,000 people, left over a million people homeless, and the world speechless. People all over the world sent out their love in every way they knew in hopes of helping this extraordinary country heal.

Today marks one year.  

And yet less than 10 % of the aid pledged has been provided.
Over 50%  of the original 19 million cubic meters of rubble remains uncleared,
Over a million are internally displaced,
Camps run ramp-id through out the country, over 40% of these camps lack access to clean water and over 30% of these camps have no toilet. These camps potentially serves as incubators for cholera , HIV, and sexual violence.
Unemployment has quadrupled, over 80% of the people remain unemployed.

Change needs to happen now! 
Today, we marched for the basic human rights our dear brethren.
Today we believed " That a people united, will never be defeated"
Today we believed " We shall overcome"

Today we stood and remembered those who once helped us become the people we are today,
Today we let the world know that these conditions are unacceptable, today is only the beginning.

My Community, My family, my 2nd floor Snyder Love… .

Febuary 2010

Letter to my 2nd floor Snyder ladies..
I miss them so much.

I sit here behind my computer with tears of sadness and joy. The last two week has honestly been unbearable, filled with helplessness and sorrow.

I am from Port-au-Prince Haiti and have lived there ever since I was 3 months old. Witnessing, hearing, experiencing and feeling all the destruction that has just happened to my home due to the unnatural forces has left me broken hearted.

All I have known ever since 3 years ago before I started college at PSU has been damaged.  And as I attempt to articulate what this means a wave of unbearable sorrow crushes my whole sense of being. The people, the friends, the families that have lost their live weigh heavily on my heart. When I go days with out communicating with my family, the fear and nightmares of anything happening to them, leaves me speechless. And yes my family has lost almost everything but graciously they are still alive and I thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Through out these weeks people from all over have been sending out the love to my home, my world, me.  But as I sit here writing this I also realize what my hew home has brought me. 2nd floor Snyder : THANK YOU. I say this whole-heartedly… Thank you for your smiles, your hugs, your *love*, your thoughts, your prayers etc. For YOU being there for me in any way you know how.  Being part of this has enabled me to wake up, smile, and filled with joy because I know on this campus, in my community I have had the opportunity of being blessed to encounter, interact, and live with some of the most beautiful ladies ( inside and out) this world has to offer.

Thank you for your love.


Today I celebrate a nation,
            I celebrate a nation who has forever changed the world
                                 a bold  nation, a free nation!
Today I celebrate passion, creativity and will
            I celebrate  resilience,
                            and  liberty,
Today I celebrate a revolution,
                                     a revolution of men and women whom despite their circumstances
live life relentlessy
Today I celebrate those who came before me,
                            those who left unexpectedly,
I celebrate Haiti

Today I am choosing to follow the examples of those who strived for better,
            I am choosing  to tell the story of their triumph
            I am choosing to listen.

Monday, January 10, 2011


And afraid to breathe.

The room is filled with it 
one sip of those sweet, sweet fumes 
will be the beginning of the end for me.

I am alone, 
the only one terrified of losing myself.
the only one haunted by the idea of being consumed  with poison.

Everyone else  ingest these toxic fumes with no fear...
May it be, they are not aware? 

 It is odorless.
 It is tasteless.

But all I see is smoke, 
All I see is death.

All  I see

they collapse.
left and right.

But I must breathe.
And there is no where I flee to.
This is all I know.

All I have ever wanted to know ,  
until now..

      I inhale.