Sunday, November 6, 2011


 a state of harmony,
 the absences of war, 
a state of balance & understanding in yourself & between others,
freedom, bliss...

To know with absolute certainty that where ever you are at this very moment is exactly where you need to be, where you were created to be, 
To know within your very core that every decision you have ever made, every occurrence,  every breath, every hesitation was to bring you here. 

Was to bring you to a place of inexplicable joy, unwavering contentment.

To a place where you are celebrated, 
a place where you  wholly believe that if you allow 
your spirit, 
your aura, 
your purity, 
your core
 to be made manifest, to flow freely 
with out hindrance, with out hesitation, without judgement,

Brings you to a place of power, a place of fulfillment