Thursday, September 29, 2011

Uncensored Truth

(Frustration, dissatisfaction, imperfection, failures are all challenges as humans we face at one point or the other. And yes, facing these realities are taxing but they are unfortunately inevitable.)

The uncensored truth flows freely in every street corner.

And you have asked me to tell you the truth?

The uncensored truth is hidden in every street corner.

 Moun yo ap goumen, fighting to make it, fighting to make a difference, fighting for their big break.

Nou ap priye, praying to make it, praying to make a difference, praying for our big break
And you have asked me to tell you the truth?

It is seen on their faces, in their fatigue, in the corner they’ve involuntarily staked out as their own. You see it in the 95 degree tent they have learned to call their home.

It is written all over my face, just open your eyes and listen

The uncensored truth stands in every pile of rubble that has yet to be moved.

It peeks through your gates and confronts you with the legitimacy of my reality

 and your semblance of what is true,

Baggai yo pa fasil, difficulties blind their future, their realities, truths hinder them from seeing the other side of the mountain.