Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Your turn...

So here’s to the day you've always dreamed of. It has finally come.
All your anticipation, all your hopes..

 Now it is your turn 
To act.         
To be.          
To live.

It’s your turn 
to take care of yourself,       
 motivate yourself,     
shine for yourself,

It is your turn.

Yes by appearance at times, there may semblance of loneliness, it may seem like no one is around..
Never believe that.

WE ARE always rooting for you,            
 Praying for you,            
 Thinking about you.
You are never alone.

Get to know yourself, your natural inclinations, your preferences, your limits..
Be the leader you were born to be. Be an example amongst your peers.

Simply Shine.

 Stay focused on your goals; work at it with all your might.

Remember your challenges and accomplishments for they have molded you into who you are and who you can be.

New experiences await you,
Enjoy the adventure.

I love you

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please, I have three babies

It seems like the closer I got the less I actually understood.

She walks through the subway everyday, 
and greets me as I enter the office,
she holds a sign telling her story, 
and whispers her pleas..

Her smile is sincere, filled with truth,
Her tears are pure, filled with hope,
Her jingle is catchy and hard to forget
Her reality is piercing, sticks with you forever.