Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We shall overcome...

On January 12, 2011...I had the privilege and honor of marching in solidarity with my fellow brothers and sisters to remember our dear Ayeiti Cheri. As many know, about a year ago this nation was struck by a massive earthquake.  An earthquake which brought the world to its knees. An earthquake which killed over 300,000 people, left over a million people homeless, and the world speechless. People all over the world sent out their love in every way they knew in hopes of helping this extraordinary country heal.

Today marks one year.  

And yet less than 10 % of the aid pledged has been provided.
Over 50%  of the original 19 million cubic meters of rubble remains uncleared,
Over a million are internally displaced,
Camps run ramp-id through out the country, over 40% of these camps lack access to clean water and over 30% of these camps have no toilet. These camps potentially serves as incubators for cholera , HIV, and sexual violence.
Unemployment has quadrupled, over 80% of the people remain unemployed.

Change needs to happen now! 
Today, we marched for the basic human rights our dear brethren.
Today we believed " That a people united, will never be defeated"
Today we believed " We shall overcome"

Today we stood and remembered those who once helped us become the people we are today,
Today we let the world know that these conditions are unacceptable, today is only the beginning.