Tuesday, July 5, 2011

‎"an'n al fe La Difference"

 Left alone with my thoughts..I start to question my decision for being here. Why am I here? What do I want?  It is important to remind yourself of your dreams, your vision because it keeps you focused and centered.
  Yes they were differing factors which led me to sit where I am today but ultimately I know that right now I need to be here.

Many won't understand my decision, but in my heart I know this is as true as it gets.

I am in Haiti ultimately because Haiti lives in me.

My aspiration are great but as I have spoken  to other patrons their dreams  are just as big . I know I am not alone.

Haiti has shone before, and it will shine again.

 Am I ready? Do I have all the tools I need to make the impact I want to make? Maybe  the right question isn't if I am ready but more so, how badly do I want it?

What exactly do I have in mind?
A people unified for a better Haiti through working together to create natural goods, to preserve Haiti's natural infrastructure, stronger focus on education, people working together to market themselves effectively, more sustainable jobs,

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