Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unheard revolutionaries: Turning trash into gold..

Entreprenuer Profiled: Natasha Joacine, one of HPCD's dynamic entrepreneurs who recently graduated from our 2010-11 class, is an excellent example of  creativity, determination and will. Natasha has literally transformed her community by recycling trash into beautiful products. She has also implemented a community development bureau entitled Association de Petit Genis. This bureau is a space where  over 1,000 children  in the community have access to training from skilled artisans and learn how to make beautiful products from trash.  With HPCD’s help Natasha has now expanded her enterprise to accommodate over 500 women, and 150 seniors and now has opened a new office in center city. She currently has 16 stable employees. Natasha believes
 in the power recycling, and the power of transforming her society by using what is already there:  trash, people, creativity, and will!

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