Friday, August 6, 2010

It don't have to change...

Once upon a time I was introduced to a wonderful woman. Her smile alone could light up the world. Her heart was pure, and her love was true. She shared her life, her experiences, her passions, she gave her all.

I'm not sure about you, but there are a few songs out there that transcend time and take me back. They take me back to the day I met Ms Broecker. I'm sure it was a Wednesday or Friday afternoon about 7 yrs ago, while she sat in, in one of our basketball practices after school. Coach introduced her to us as the PR liasion at school and she went on to tell us all about her basketball career at Taylor University.We were so honored to meet someone who had played college ball given, that could be us one day. She was probably one of the tallest women I had ever seen. 

Little did I know, that through out the next 3 yrs this lady would not only serve as PR liaison  at school but also become a team mate, an adviser,a counselor, friend, and my heroine. And whenever I needed some one her arms were always open. I would go on to spend hours in her office learning, sharing  and growing. 
There is one song by John Legend 'It don't have to change' that always takes me back to those simpler days and reminds me of whats important, of what is beautiful. She introduced this song to us (the student council) as we planned the first prom QCS had ever seen .And when ever I hear it, it awakens her memory and reminds me it doesn't have to change.


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