Friday, August 13, 2010

Shine on me...

A teacher facilitates the education of individuals, nurtures, inspires, propels growth and challenges their pupils. At times I marvel at how I have been graced with so many amazing endorsers of knowledge. My life is continually filled with those enraptured by the wonders of this world and sometimes I can't help but wonder why me...

Ever since before I can remember I've been captivated by the world around me and have been hungry for the knowledge found in the very crevices of this universe, from the sweet whispers of wind, to the honest laughter of children, to the glorious warmth of the sun, to the perplexities of this world yet once accepted are beautifully simple, to the wisdom imparted by all who have surround me, and by those who have come before me.

Oddly enough, the first memory I recall which pioneered my insatiable appetite for understanding was 18 years ago. It was my first day of pre-kindergarten, the day my parents abandoned me. It is a cloudy memory but one thing I do recall with clarity is my parent’s bright confident smiles as they left me standing at what had appeared to me as giant steps that led to my classroom. Tears welled up into my eyes as I wailed for my mummy and pappy. But their reassuring smiles only got wider as their silhouettes got smaller and smaller while fading into the distance. I literally cried for understanding. Their reassuring smiles left me confused. How could my parents, my protectors, leave me here all alone with strangers and let alone be smiling?

Little did I know for the next 14 years I would call this obscure lieu my second home, it would become my sanctuary of knowledge, and an asylum for my fears. Little did I know these strangers I had feared would later be called my friends, this place would birth many friendships… 

I now know the secret behind their smiles. Twenty two years ago my parents welcomed me into this world and vowed to love me. 18 years ago as they waved their goodbyes, as they watched their second child traumatized by the fear of the unknown. They smiled with the hope and assurance that this was just the beginning, this day not only marked the commencement of my formal education but one in my quest for knowledge.They were entrusting with the tools to shine, and  to one day look back and smile.

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